The Stemmery Live Virtual Summer Floral Design Workshop


Flower friends, I have missed our workshops so much this year as the pandemic has taken gathering in-person to share our love of flowers off the table. As the summer continues on, producing its glorious bounty of flora, I wanted to find a way to connect and share this beauty together.

Based on feedback from our Instagram followers, it seems the best time slot for our live virtual workshop is a Saturday morning at 11am, so that’s what we’ll be doing. Here are all the details:

The Stemmery Live Virtual Summer Floral Design Workshop
Saturday, August 22nd
Workshop will include delivery of flowers and vase 2 days prior (August 20th)

Your pre-workshop delivery will include:

  • Flowers, foliage and all ingredients needed for creating a summer arrangement
  • A fun vase (Your vase will arrive pre-taped with a grid for easy designing. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, we’ll explain at the workshop!)

When you purchase this workshop, please make sure you will also be available on August 20th to receive your flowers. You don’t need to be home when we drop them off, but we just want to make sure that you’ll be able to collect them and make sure they stay safe until Saturday. We recommend storing the flowers in a cool location and out of direct sunlight so they stay in great shape and are ready to arrange with on Saturday.

We recommend that you have on hand:

  • A bucket or large vase for storing the flowers and foliage prior to the workshop
  • A pair of floral snips or sharp scissors. If you’d like to invest in a quality pair of floral snips, you can purchase a pair of our favorite snips and we’ll deliver them with your other supplies.
  • Strong internet connection for live-streaming the workshop

A few technology notes: We will be offering this class on a virtual streaming platform (most likely Zoom) and will send you an access link several days prior to the workshop. Our team is not IT certified and we won’t be available to help with tech or connection issues. We ask that you make sure you are able to connect prior to the workshop and recommend logging in at least 5-10 mins in advance in case you run into any issues so that you have time to work them out.

Please note that the workshop fee is non-refundable.



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